October 3, 2012

The charms of Karin Park

Only someone like Karin Park could film a video crying at the camera to announce her European tour dates without making it scary. That skill may have valued the 34-year-old with a lead role in the horror film Hidden but, surely, the theatrical talent of this Swedish artist is not the only thing that has called the attention of LOTTAROX AGENCY.

Although the singer-songwriter has performed in London and other European spots over the last months, this is the first time that she approaches the Italian public. But don’t be fulled by her serene, almost perturbing beauty: Karin comes with a Norwegian Grammy for “Best Newcomer” and a nomination for Superwoldunkown (her first album, in 2003) as “the best Norwegian song of all time” under the arm.

Queen of the alternative sound, her characteristic voice has allowed her to switch from pop to a dark electro. However, she keeps the same company in every tour: her brother David Park, who’s been acting bassist/drummer since 2004.


Now back with her fourth album, Karin has been cast for another production: Anglomania, the Italian night of Klubb Lottarox at the new Rising Love club in Rome. On Thursday the 11th of October, all guests going to the seasonal opening party of the Italian brand will have the chance to witness an exclusive gig from Karin after a dj set from the resident Lù N Rose and a closing from the Roman stunners Supermarket Night.



Don’t miss out the magic… RSVP now: https://www.facebook.com/events/281149935333717/


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