November 28, 2012

The Burnin Jacks, enfants terrible

You may be the kind of person that sits at the back of a gig with a glass of wine. Then this band is clearly not for you. Parisian-based The Burnin Jacks are proud sponsors of one of the most authentic rockabilly experiences around.

Portraying an aesthetic of modern Rolling Stones and wearing influences from Iggy Pop and peers, the five-piece are willing to conquer the British scene too.


Here, we find out if they are ready to pass the British test, as they play Hoxton tomorrow as the opening of the London BAD GIRLS night.


By Silvia Suárez



Beans on toast or bacon rolls?


Bacon on toast.


Full English or roast?


Hard to choose… but Full English I suppose. We’ve already have roast here in Paris.


Wellies or Docs?


Docs, definitely, even though we haven’t got any…


Shakespeare or Dickens?


Well are playing at the Macbeth, so Shakespeare, obviously. Maybe we won’t answer the same if you make us play some Oliver Twist venue!


Cohen or Dylan?


If any of us ever says “Cohen”, Antoine will rip him to shreds. So, Dylan it is.


Guinness or lager?


Guinness, as you may guess by the colour of our Karl’s hair…


Jamming session home or at the pub?




Flapjack or custard cream?


Flapjack. Burnin flapjack.



The Burnin Jacks play BAD GIRLS London launch party on Thursday the 29th November at The Macbeth. RSVP and info here.