October 5, 2012

REVIEW: Cut your hair (The Lexington, 4th October)

By Silvia Suárez.- 


By the time I get to the upper floor of The Lexington in London Angel, where Cut Your Hair are presenting their debut single to the UK (supporting Australian band San Cisco), I’m totally unaware of the two extraordinary facts that I’m about to witness. The first one is that members of the Barcelona-bred band don’t look Spanish at all (unlike singer Sergi and drummer Aleix, Ed was born in Lewis). Neither they sound. Cut Your Hair’s unique mix of surfer pop and post-punk answer any pre-conceived ideas about their provenience and, together with a generous dosis of sincere lyrics and rebel attitude, justify their overwhelming welcome offshore.


Against the prejudices that one could have about a recently-formed group in their early twenties, they face their first visit abroad with a whole set of maturity. When the band hits the second track (their single and most famous song until date, Utah in Pictures), the stiff British audience starts giving into their charm, lead by the cheeky performance Ian Curtis-style of singer Sergi.


Photo credits: S. S.


The musical expertise and disarming spontaneity of this young three-piece take over the rest of the set, including unreleased tracks like Mad Love or Fuck Off, and tag lines from the lead singer dedicating it to his (non-existent) “wife”. It was a short, sweet, business card to the London calling.


Cut Your Hair play tomorrow Saturday at Birthdays, Dalston. Free entry, doors at 8: https://www.facebook.com/events/172792589524832/?fref=ts

Listen and download their single Utah in Pictures: http://open.spotify.com/artist/1lQI7LoBx380I6sKuPWRSk