October 27, 2012


“Curiosity drove me to learn how to write music electronically”


We chat with the British dj and IT boy of dubstep to discover how he got started in music, what he thinks about fame and being a producer before an artist. He plays Anglomania live in Rome on the 29th November.


By Silvia Suárez



Q: You’ve always been interested in production when most artists switch to that side afterwards. Is it easy to be on both the artist and producer sides?


A: Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to know how to make/write songs electronically. The curiosity is what drove me to learn how to write music electronically. I still think of myself as a producer rather than an artist, I find it gives me a better perspective when approaching songs.



Q: Your first release was a Chris Smoove’s remix. How have you changed since? 


I’ve changed a lot since then, everyone’s production matures as they learn certain things and apply them. My production has definitely matured.



Q: Does it mean that you are more focused on your own stuff now?


A: I am very open to all writing projects, at the moment I am focused on writing music in general, whether it be for myself, a collaboration or even for other artists.


Q: I take you’re not much of an old-school studio guy.. Do you prefer the festival or sort of club thing live?


A: Clubs, I’ve never been much of a festival person!


Q: You’ve recently worked with Ellie Goulding and performed with Rita Ora. Do you ever get star truck? 


A: I don’t really, when you meet them they’re just normal people who do awesome things. I see it as interesting.


 Q: Name one artist you’d like to work with next. 


 A: Sigur Ros.


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