September 20, 2012

Tomorrow: Elliphant, the M.I.A that came from the cold.


A quick look at the face behind Swedish band Elliphant and you will never guess what you are about to hear. Supermodel look-a-like, leader singer Ellinor Olovsdotter is causing quite a stir in the charts with nothing to do with measures.


To start with, The Guardian has tagged her single In The Jungle as “a strangely captivating mix of percussive beats”, among other compliments, and its video comes with epic imaginary (policemen wheeling young boy in a shopping trolley!- watch here). Furthermore, she has already been compared to the likes of rapper MIA, Zebra Katz, Santigold and also Swedish doll Lykke Li.


However, her unique style stands out of the crop of current talented and trendy female performers. Aggressive lyrics and sticky melodies are the foundations of Elliphant, which plays an exclusive gig tomorrow in Milan, as part of the opening party for the Italian “London Loves” club.

To water your mouth, here is a sample of what you will see on stage…