A flight to Parco Gondar , Gallipoli is the easiest way out with weekly flights to BRINDISI ( BDR ) .

Direct flights from London Stansted Airport and Stockholm Skavsta to Brindisi ( BDR ) are just a few examples to show how comfortable and easy it is to get Lottarox Summer Festival in Gallipoli, Lecce from Europe as well.

Internal travel from Brindisi Airport to the venue Parco Gondar is made available by coaches.

Easy access from all the south of Italy toward Gallipoli from main cities such as Rome , Naples, Pescara , Matera, Bari via bus or train and driving by car.

To ensure a safe journey or for any other enquiries about the destination, feel free to drop an email to our staff who will be happy to help you find a solution –  festival@lottarox.com

Gallipoli in old Greek means “Beautiful City” and it is going to be a really beautiful occasion to see a Summer Festival there.

The town is located by the Ionian Sea, on the west coast in front of Greece. Since 2003, the Official venue Parco Gondar has exclusively hosted the best International artists and the south of Italy is located just few minutes away  from the seaside, along with the Camping Area and the free Parking Area.

Lottarox is proud to bring a slice of Europe into such a wonderful place and host for the first time in the best location for the summer!