October 22, 2012

In the suitcase of… Vanbot

Apart from her natal Sweden, countries like Germany and the US have already seen Vanbot rising high on stage. Italy is the next destination for Ester Ideskog and her band, described as a “highly wound brand of electro-pop to fine effect” (The Line Of Best Fit), among other things. She plays in Rome, Florence and Milan next month and tells you what she’ll be taking with her.


By Silvia Suárez.

(Photo credit: Sara Arnald)



Window or corridor seat? 



Do you glance at the airline magazine?

Yes, when I’m bored I do. Once I was looking into the magazine that the passenger next to me had, to found out that he was reading about my music. That was such a surprise!


Coffee or tea?

Really strong coffee! Bad coffee makes me feel instantly offended (laughs).


Current reading

Just Kids, by Patti Smith



Mini bar craves

I have a hard time staying away from the chocolate.


Beer or wine?



With or without travel guide

Without. I usually stroll the streets to find my own adventure!


Best way to move around: tube or bus?

Actually none. I love to ride a bike really fast! It gives me the total freedom to discover new cities.


Mix for the road

When driving through cities I usually listen to Justice or Cut Copy; when driving in the open landscape, I listen to Loney Dear, which is a good friend of mine that writes beautiful music.



Beauty basics

My everyday base is mineral foundation, rouge and mascara. Simple as that.


Night out vs on stage outfit

Stage outfit. I enjoy to go all in and step into that Vanbot role on stage! I also work with a great stylist that gives me a lot of good ideas for outfits that reflect my music. When I listen to shows myself, it hits me that the stage outfit really can put a dramaturgical dimension into the live music. That’s what I want to achieve.


Favourite destination so far

Last summer we did a road trip around the US west coast and we were cruising around in a convertable car, pretending to be part of a movie. It was a really fun trip, with a mix of big cities nightlife, midnight shopping, surfing and visiting lots of friends!


Best anecdote on tour

One night in the US we ended up at this strange and wonderful party in a forest. We danced all night to the silent disco in the enchanted forest and met a lot of peculiar people. That was a surreal time!


Nicest venue you’ve played

We played at the music industry festival SXSW in Austin (Texas) last March. It was a bit of a boiling pot and the whole city went totally crazy! I loved being part of that whole circus.



Vanbot plays Rome, Florence and Milan with Lottarox Agency and Klubb Lottarox on the 8, 9 and 10 November .
More info: www.lottarox.com