October 24, 2012

Halloween for The Nostalgics

This Halloween you won’t have to choose between good music and a theme party. Milanese new power pop band The Nostalgics are throwing a three-day mini-fest to celebrate the scary times with the Italian crowd.


In synergy with Lottarox Summer Festival, the outfit will play the same location than our honoured July event. Vieste, Trani and Pomigliano are the places chosen to host their three-day Italian tour.


The four-piece band, lead by singers Antonia and Corrado in the style of bands such as Belle & Sebastian, have just singed with local label RocketMan and release their first single. “Amanda, By The Marble Stairs”, is the bucolic and inspiring name for their debut track, as it is their video by the Mergozzo lake.


But don’t be tricked by their brand new sound… They played London Electricity Rooms early this year and released a 12” vinyl called Longing. Honouring that name, they are working on their new single, “Lux”, which they are currently recording and filming its video.


So it’s a triple celebration, really.


The Nostalgics play Vieste (FG), Trani (BAT) and Pomigliano (NAT) on the from the 1st to the 3rd of November.

More info and RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/428568550536163/


By Silvia Suárez