November 28, 2012

The Burnin Jacks, enfants terrible

You may be the kind of person that sits at the back of a gig with a glass of wine. Then this band is clearly not for you. Parisian-based The Burnin Jacks are proud sponsors of one of the most authentic rockabilly experiences around.

Portraying an aesthetic of modern Rolling Stones and wearing influences from Iggy Pop and peers, the five-piece are willing to conquer the British scene too.


Here, we find out if they are ready to pass the British test, as they play Hoxton tomorrow as the opening of the London BAD GIRLS night.


By Silvia Suárez



Beans on toast or bacon rolls?


Bacon on toast.


Full English or roast?


Hard to choose… but Full English I suppose. We’ve already have roast here in Paris.


Wellies or Docs?


Docs, definitely, even though we haven’t got any…


Shakespeare or Dickens?


Well are playing at the Macbeth, so Shakespeare, obviously. Maybe we won’t answer the same if you make us play some Oliver Twist venue!


Cohen or Dylan?


If any of us ever says “Cohen”, Antoine will rip him to shreds. So, Dylan it is.


Guinness or lager?


Guinness, as you may guess by the colour of our Karl’s hair…


Jamming session home or at the pub?




Flapjack or custard cream?


Flapjack. Burnin flapjack.



The Burnin Jacks play BAD GIRLS London launch party on Thursday the 29th November at The Macbeth. RSVP and info here.

November 21, 2012

The Hyptonic Eye

When we get into the recording room we don’t speak about what direction we are pushing the music to. You just have to let it grow”



Last music revelation from South London, The Hypnotic Eye, are about to headline Lottarox’s new London night and locked themselves in the studio to finish recording their new album, “The optical sound of The Hypnotic Eye” (out in January). Before that, Silvia Suárez catches up with the band’s guitarist Lindsay Murray on creating their own musical genre, oneiric songs and having Mark Ronson as their first fan.


-Hey there, Lindsay. Are you excited to be the opening act of the Bad Girls launch party in London?


I’m very excited to be playing a show for Lottarox and I can’t wait to hear the other bands too.


-It’s also your last gig of the year, after your debut LP  in May. What’s the balance of 2012? 


It’s been an amazing year for us. We had a great first single launch, then headed back into the studio to record half of our second album. We’ve just got a cover on an advert in America and been discussing shows in Europe, so we bought a lot of interesting equipment: a 50s synth, a couple of farfisa organs, some 60s echos and a sitar!


-What does it feel to have big names like Mark Ronson complimenting your music?


He was mixing with our engineer Ben Baptie and was one of our very first fans. Lovely guy, a collector like us all, that truly helps out independent artists like ourselves.


-There’s a clear influence of the 60′s and 70′s in your music. What do you acknowledge as your main icons?


We’re all fans of Ornette Coleman and Saucerful of Secrets. For our first album I was very keen to recreate sounds I’d heard on other records, but that’s certainly changed and you can hear it quite vividly in the live set.


-So do you equally participate in the creation of the songs? Who writes the lyrics?


I tend to record the inception of the songs. Often, i’ll hear a song in my head when I’m in a park or from a dream. Then I have to capture that song with whatever means and instrumentation I have and find the lyrics to come in natural way.


-So it’s a bit of an artist’s process, really. How do you manage all that creativity as a band?


We don’t control it, it just happens that way. When we get into the recording room we don’t speak about what direction are pushing the music. I love throwing sounds at the band because collectively it grows into its own thing. Grace [Lightman, lead singer] is amazing at that, she can really extrapolate the guts of a song.


-You have a great single teaser on Youtube, with great imaginary and reference to retro. Is the title “Satisfaction” just a coincidence?


I think with our initial releases it was important to wear our influences on our sleeves. I’ve always been amused by the charm of those few teenage garage full LPs, which do exist being laden with the same covers. So it felt in keeping that our debut should have “Satisfaction” and “Hey Joe” on it, whether they were covers or not!


-Do you think part of the success of bands nowadays is based on their look as much as in their sound?


I wish it was. There’s too many ugly people creeping in.


-How did you decide to throw yourselves into such a highly competitive and saturated industry?


Our band is a collective of friends, we’ve all been playing instruments as long as we can remember.


-It’s called my attention that you define yourselves as a “flower-punk” band. What’s the concept behind it?


The name derived from a Frank Zappa song, and used to criticise a commercialised and manufactured psychedelic experience. I think it’s critical for each person who has bought one of our records to take it home and listen to it with their eyes closed. Then they can call us whatever they want; until then, a name of a genre can’t particularly help define a band.


-Does the British nationality, and particularly being a Londoner, play an important role when it comes to being that much into music? 


My first musical love was John Coltrane. I think it’s far more important to start life with John Coltrane than where you come from.

The Hypnotic Eye play Lottarox‘s Bad Girls launch night at The Macbeth on Thursday 29th at 8.30pm. More info and RSVP here
October 27, 2012


“Curiosity drove me to learn how to write music electronically”


We chat with the British dj and IT boy of dubstep to discover how he got started in music, what he thinks about fame and being a producer before an artist. He plays Anglomania live in Rome on the 29th November.


By Silvia Suárez



Q: You’ve always been interested in production when most artists switch to that side afterwards. Is it easy to be on both the artist and producer sides?


A: Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to know how to make/write songs electronically. The curiosity is what drove me to learn how to write music electronically. I still think of myself as a producer rather than an artist, I find it gives me a better perspective when approaching songs.



Q: Your first release was a Chris Smoove’s remix. How have you changed since? 


I’ve changed a lot since then, everyone’s production matures as they learn certain things and apply them. My production has definitely matured.



Q: Does it mean that you are more focused on your own stuff now?


A: I am very open to all writing projects, at the moment I am focused on writing music in general, whether it be for myself, a collaboration or even for other artists.


Q: I take you’re not much of an old-school studio guy.. Do you prefer the festival or sort of club thing live?


A: Clubs, I’ve never been much of a festival person!


Q: You’ve recently worked with Ellie Goulding and performed with Rita Ora. Do you ever get star truck? 


A: I don’t really, when you meet them they’re just normal people who do awesome things. I see it as interesting.


 Q: Name one artist you’d like to work with next. 


 A: Sigur Ros.


More info about Draper‘s gig with Lottarox here
October 24, 2012

Halloween for The Nostalgics

This Halloween you won’t have to choose between good music and a theme party. Milanese new power pop band The Nostalgics are throwing a three-day mini-fest to celebrate the scary times with the Italian crowd.


In synergy with Lottarox Summer Festival, the outfit will play the same location than our honoured July event. Vieste, Trani and Pomigliano are the places chosen to host their three-day Italian tour.


The four-piece band, lead by singers Antonia and Corrado in the style of bands such as Belle & Sebastian, have just singed with local label RocketMan and release their first single. “Amanda, By The Marble Stairs”, is the bucolic and inspiring name for their debut track, as it is their video by the Mergozzo lake.


But don’t be tricked by their brand new sound… They played London Electricity Rooms early this year and released a 12” vinyl called Longing. Honouring that name, they are working on their new single, “Lux”, which they are currently recording and filming its video.


So it’s a triple celebration, really.


The Nostalgics play Vieste (FG), Trani (BAT) and Pomigliano (NAT) on the from the 1st to the 3rd of November.

More info and RSVP:


By Silvia Suárez

October 22, 2012

In the suitcase of… Vanbot

Apart from her natal Sweden, countries like Germany and the US have already seen Vanbot rising high on stage. Italy is the next destination for Ester Ideskog and her band, described as a “highly wound brand of electro-pop to fine effect” (The Line Of Best Fit), among other things. She plays in Rome, Florence and Milan next month and tells you what she’ll be taking with her.


By Silvia Suárez.

(Photo credit: Sara Arnald)



Window or corridor seat? 



Do you glance at the airline magazine?

Yes, when I’m bored I do. Once I was looking into the magazine that the passenger next to me had, to found out that he was reading about my music. That was such a surprise!


Coffee or tea?

Really strong coffee! Bad coffee makes me feel instantly offended (laughs).


Current reading

Just Kids, by Patti Smith



Mini bar craves

I have a hard time staying away from the chocolate.


Beer or wine?



With or without travel guide

Without. I usually stroll the streets to find my own adventure!


Best way to move around: tube or bus?

Actually none. I love to ride a bike really fast! It gives me the total freedom to discover new cities.


Mix for the road

When driving through cities I usually listen to Justice or Cut Copy; when driving in the open landscape, I listen to Loney Dear, which is a good friend of mine that writes beautiful music.



Beauty basics

My everyday base is mineral foundation, rouge and mascara. Simple as that.


Night out vs on stage outfit

Stage outfit. I enjoy to go all in and step into that Vanbot role on stage! I also work with a great stylist that gives me a lot of good ideas for outfits that reflect my music. When I listen to shows myself, it hits me that the stage outfit really can put a dramaturgical dimension into the live music. That’s what I want to achieve.


Favourite destination so far

Last summer we did a road trip around the US west coast and we were cruising around in a convertable car, pretending to be part of a movie. It was a really fun trip, with a mix of big cities nightlife, midnight shopping, surfing and visiting lots of friends!


Best anecdote on tour

One night in the US we ended up at this strange and wonderful party in a forest. We danced all night to the silent disco in the enchanted forest and met a lot of peculiar people. That was a surreal time!


Nicest venue you’ve played

We played at the music industry festival SXSW in Austin (Texas) last March. It was a bit of a boiling pot and the whole city went totally crazy! I loved being part of that whole circus.



Vanbot plays Rome, Florence and Milan with Lottarox Agency and Klubb Lottarox on the 8, 9 and 10 November .
More info:
October 7, 2012

Cut Your Hair go East / London Birthdays, 6th October


By Silvia Suárez


“This place is so hot right now”, said one head among the crowd queuing yesterday night outside Birthdays, the club and music venue in the new trendiest area of London Dalston. That was the location chosen by Spanish-band Cut Your Hair to host their second date in the UK, after a successful warm-up at The Lexington last Thursday. The four-piece (Sergi, Aleix, Ed and Jan) were joined by East Londoners Hatcham Social and Birmingham band Heavy Waves as supporting act.



In such a tasty scenario, the arrival of the Barcelona-bred ones were met with a hush that didn’t let up until the end of the night. The energetic guitars of the Barcelona-bred ones stroke to the rhythm of Halloween Night, making the perfect starter to set up the mood. Lead singer Sergi then introduced their newly-born tune Slow Drive as the product of self-taught life lessons until date.



Honest lyrics and recalling post-punk influences merged with fresh pop-surf in the main course, single Utah In Pictures. A smooth version of their track Fuck Off followed, notably evidencing the skills of drummer Aleix and bassist Ed.



In resemblance with the band’s own, the compelling yet rebel spirit of their song Jupiter called off the gig, leaving the crowd without dessert. Cut Your Hair can be proud not only of fulfilling expectations but also have gained more than a few fans in their way.



Cut Your Hair play the Lottarox Italian tour next week on the 18th, 19th and 20th October in Rome (Rising Love), Milan (Rocket) and Prato/Florence (Controsenso).


October 5, 2012

REVIEW: Cut your hair (The Lexington, 4th October)

By Silvia Suárez.- 


By the time I get to the upper floor of The Lexington in London Angel, where Cut Your Hair are presenting their debut single to the UK (supporting Australian band San Cisco), I’m totally unaware of the two extraordinary facts that I’m about to witness. The first one is that members of the Barcelona-bred band don’t look Spanish at all (unlike singer Sergi and drummer Aleix, Ed was born in Lewis). Neither they sound. Cut Your Hair’s unique mix of surfer pop and post-punk answer any pre-conceived ideas about their provenience and, together with a generous dosis of sincere lyrics and rebel attitude, justify their overwhelming welcome offshore.


Against the prejudices that one could have about a recently-formed group in their early twenties, they face their first visit abroad with a whole set of maturity. When the band hits the second track (their single and most famous song until date, Utah in Pictures), the stiff British audience starts giving into their charm, lead by the cheeky performance Ian Curtis-style of singer Sergi.


Photo credits: S. S.


The musical expertise and disarming spontaneity of this young three-piece take over the rest of the set, including unreleased tracks like Mad Love or Fuck Off, and tag lines from the lead singer dedicating it to his (non-existent) “wife”. It was a short, sweet, business card to the London calling.


Cut Your Hair play tomorrow Saturday at Birthdays, Dalston. Free entry, doors at 8:

Listen and download their single Utah in Pictures:

October 3, 2012

The charms of Karin Park

Only someone like Karin Park could film a video crying at the camera to announce her European tour dates without making it scary. That skill may have valued the 34-year-old with a lead role in the horror film Hidden but, surely, the theatrical talent of this Swedish artist is not the only thing that has called the attention of LOTTAROX AGENCY.

Although the singer-songwriter has performed in London and other European spots over the last months, this is the first time that she approaches the Italian public. But don’t be fulled by her serene, almost perturbing beauty: Karin comes with a Norwegian Grammy for “Best Newcomer” and a nomination for Superwoldunkown (her first album, in 2003) as “the best Norwegian song of all time” under the arm.

Queen of the alternative sound, her characteristic voice has allowed her to switch from pop to a dark electro. However, she keeps the same company in every tour: her brother David Park, who’s been acting bassist/drummer since 2004.


Now back with her fourth album, Karin has been cast for another production: Anglomania, the Italian night of Klubb Lottarox at the new Rising Love club in Rome. On Thursday the 11th of October, all guests going to the seasonal opening party of the Italian brand will have the chance to witness an exclusive gig from Karin after a dj set from the resident Lù N Rose and a closing from the Roman stunners Supermarket Night.



Don’t miss out the magic… RSVP now:


You can also vote for her as the MTV artist of the week here.

October 3, 2012

The talk of the front row: MiJo

With the flashing lights coming from Paris and still hungover from Milan and London Fashion Weeks, we catch Swedish stylists and djs MiJo on the brink of their Klubb Lottarox night in Florence to find out the fashion best-kept secrets of the season…


Best soundtrack:  Lana del Rey’s Born To Die


Worst trend spotted: The one piece


Best goodie bag: A great mix of beauty products


Funniest after party: Mercedes benz after party at circus Sthlm (according to Mia); Anywhere we go (Josephine!)… (Because these girls rock)


Best meal: French fries and dip!


Worst cocktail: Non alcoholic cocktails (boooh!)


Trend of the season: Purple and wine red are two of our favourite colours this season but you can also see a lot of neon in the stores. When it comes to patterns: batic and triangels.


Craving current item: Different Buffalo shoes!


MiJo play a dj set for the opening of Klubb Lottarox Florence on Friday:


September 24, 2012

Klubb Lottarox, now also in Florence

Awhh Florence… The beautiful bridges, museums and cafes, where art scenes mix with the fashionable clubs and the International tourists. Now, there is an extra reason to love Florence: Swedish-based Klubb Lottarox new night in town, presenting duo MIJO to the Italian gem next Friday in a exclusive dj set. Take a tour through the new best party in town…


Klubb Lottarox is a club night run by Lottarox Agency that was born as a new Scandinavian party, eventually running from Stockholm to London and now (finally!) to Florence. With residence in the trendiest spots of Europe, the night has just opened its new branch at Logic Club, right in the old city centre of Florence. Taking place every first Friday of the month, this “Klubb Night” features upcoming and established special guests like those seen previously in their debut night at Debaser Medis last May and its sister venue Slussen in July.


After discovering some big names in the music industry, such as Icona Pop, Elliphant and Vanbot, now Klubb Lottarox is hosting Swedish duo MIJO,, a  mix of fashion and live signing who are responsible for the popular East Stockholm movement “Young n Restless” (eventually the name of their club too). The promising band will also take over London next month with a set at The Lexington and raise the flag to more upcoming dates in Europe…



Klubb Lottarox FLORENCE w/MIJO DjSet:


Lottarox 3rd Klubb night in Sweden, Elliphant EP launch: